One Year Online Certificate Course


Art And Architectural Heritage of India


Fees – 2000/- INR   -  Time - Every Sunday 8.00pm


The Purpose of this Course is To Know the Art & Architectural Heritage of India We will organise Separate sessions for following all. (We will use Google Meet for this Course.) the Course will Start From 5th September 2021



1.      Timeline of Indian History & Use of Tools and Techniques for Art & Architecture

2.      Indus Civilization

3.      Art & Architecture in Maurya Dynasty

4.      Art & Architecture in Satvahana Dynasty

5.      Art & Architecture in  Gupta Dynasty

6.      Art & Architecture in Vakataka Dynasty

7.      Art & Architecture in  Cher Dynasty

8.      Art & Architecture in Chola Dynasty

9.      Art & Architecture in Pandya

10.      Art & Architecture in  Pallava

11.      Art & Architecture in Gurjar Pratihar

12.      Art & Architecture in  Kadamba

13.      Art & Architecture in Rashtrakuta

14.      Art & Architecture in Chalukya

15.      Art & Architecture in  Yadava

16.      Art & Architecture in Kaktiya

17.      Art & Architecture in  Chandel

18.      Art & Architecture in Hoysala

19.      Art & Architecture in  Sultant

20.      Art & Architecture in Bahmani

21.      Art & Architecture in Vijaynagara

22.      Art & Architecture in Mughal

23.      Art & Architecture in Maratha, Asafzahi (Nizam) & Other Princely states such as Baroda, Gwalior etc.

24.      Portugues, Dutch, French, British

25.      Post Independence Period 1947 - 2020

26.      UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

27.     Natural Heritage

A.     Biodiversity

B.     National Parks

C.      Beaches and Hills Stations

28.      Ayurveda Heritage of India

29.      Musical Heritage of India

30.      Museums Heritage of India

31.      Heritage of Indigenous Arts of India


*After end of all sessions  We will Provide 1 Questionnarie which will be bases on these all sessions.*


If you will attend all classes and  Solve this Questionary you will get       1 Year Online Indian Art & Architectural Heritage Course Certificate


Same Way we will organise some Museum Classes also but time and schedule will provide later.


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