Art plays an important role in shaping the culture of a society. While some say that the purpose of an artist is to express the beauty of the world around them, others claim that real value of an art piece comes from its ability to express truth in a way that influences people for the better.

Many artists take up causes they believe in and devote their entire life to it. For instance, some of them may be so concerned about the destruction of the environment that they will build a sculpture that expresses the pain felt by Mother Earth, highlighting how people are polluting and destroying a paradise. Expressing such an opinion in a purely logical manner may not work with people. But if an artist can express their pro-environment stance in an emotionally moving way, it can create a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. And that is essentially the power of an artist — to make truth emotional.

Artists play one of the most important roles in our society. They can reshape our world into a better place, where once again freedom of thought and real communication can be disseminated through art and the universal language of realism. With diligence and effort, a picture is once again worth a thousand words, versus needing a thousand words to explain it. We will meet here such some artists meet in my life.

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