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India is the land of Beautiful Cities and Best Villages. What connects a life beyond the concrete jungle? Is it only the diversified nature that allays the stress or heritage that puts us into a time machine? I wonder where to live over the age old culture that most of us lost in the rush hours? It tickles our nerves when we teem out to a different realistic chapter from the city life.

India will always be torn between the urban and rural, yes I’m talking about the two prodigals -the more used city life and the lesser explored countryside. As a traveller I’ll always try to escape from the day to day rataplan to a no zone of comfort and far from mobile networks, shopping malls, traffic snarls, hooliganism, and last but not the least OFFICE. I would like to see myself… wearing a gamocha (traditional cotton towel)  and bathing in water drawn from a nalkoop (hand pump) under the open sky, in a panchyat under the banyan tree than yawning at a conference meeting, in a clay walled and thatched roof hut instead of lavishly painted brick walls and plastered ceilings. So the traveller in me dreams of a rural scape in India that leads to discover how silkworms turned to smooth flowing drapes, how turmeric roots became face cream, how Neem Patta (Nimtree leaves) became a component to preserve the shine of our teeth in the form of Neem tooth paste, how tigers of your calendars ravaged villages and how sowing of seeds develop into vegetables and these seeds are later served as a palatable dish.

The rural side in India seems to be a wonderland that gives insights to a lot of mysteries. It’s not only about a ride on a bullock cart… but here it goes… The vast expanse of India’s landscape in these rural setting will surely leave you awe-inspired.

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