Jewel of Marathi literature found

Updated: May 22, 2009, 04:11 IST

A two-hundred-year old manuscript of Dnyaneshwari has been found in the Andaman island last Spetember. This historical find was done by historian Bhujang Bobade who has been working on recovering ancient manuscripts.

No Sooner did city-based historian Mandar Lawate from itihass Sanshodhak Mandal, find out about this piece of information, he brought arranged to bring the ancient manuscript to the city.

“People here will be delighted to know more about the manuscript, as Dnyaneshwari is the crest jewel of Marathi literature.

I requested Bhujang to send us the manuscript,” said Lawate. Bhujang who is based in Udgir near Maharashtra-Andhra Pradesh border works at the indian Manuscript Library.

“The manuscript on Udgir Fort was written in Marathi by Krishna Narsinha Bende in 1870. His descendant Rajeshwar Bende who llives in Udgir had kept the manuscript with him for many years.

When Bhujang on his ancient manuscripts search drive found this out and he informed me. And I Pureused it further,” said Lawate.

Dnyaneshwari has been written in red and black ink on handmade paper and is bound in a wooden cover. The manuscript will be digitalised and futher handed over to city based historian Ramdas Dange, who will study the manuscript.

“Dnyaneshwari is an evidence of the fact that the Bhagwat Dharma is spread to every nook and corner of our country,” Lawate councluded.

About Dnyaneshwari

Dnyaneshwari is the most revered book of the WArkari Sect. Every member of the sect regards this book as the base of the Warkari sect.

A few fragments of Sand Dnyaneshwar’s life are available in Dnyaneshwar Vijay by Satchitanand Baba and a few Abhangas composed by Sant Namdeo.

Sant Dnyaneshwar wrote Dnyaneshwari, his wonderful commentary on the Gita, when he was 13 yeaer old. The book was completed in 1212 at Nevasa, a town on the banks of Prainara river in Ahmednagar district. His commentary on the Gita is considered as one of the best.

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